I had a slip - the most glaringly obvious relapse in the history of relapse. The financial damage was minimal and, honestly, if I didn’t have a husband in my life, I probably wouldn’t have worried too much about it.

But I do have a husband, so I had a to tell him. And then I made an appointment with the therapist, after a four-month hiatus, to tell him, too.

The therapist thinks I’m replacing sex with gambling and drinking. I don’t disagree. Therapist thinks I have two choices: get a boyfriend or get a divorce.

The therapist said that my marriage doesn’t sound all that good or fulfilling to him, an outsider.

Hrm. That’s not what I expected. I pretty much figured the problem was me, but maybe the problem is we.

I gave my husband a version of this. I told him the therapist things I am replacing sex with gambling and drinking, so we should try to have more sex. Let’s see where that gets us first.


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